A 5 year forced vacation began in 2016 with a surprise encounter.
Smacked right into The Infamous Senior Citizen Wall of reality.
Ambulances and sirens and surgery and needles and tubes...
you really don't want to know the details.
Fast forward to the end of  2020 when I was finally able to begin painting again.
Though I tried to pick up where I left off I finally had to settle for something
very different... directly from my always outside-the-box mind.

It was about time to slow down, have some pure mind fun,
and simplify the rest of my life in the process.

I also decided... no more price bickering.
Every painting in this gallery for 2021 is a firm cheap-cheap $700. Shipping paid.
email...  hermit@YoheFineArt.com

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Outside The Last Box Gallery